My work explores notions of performance and audience-ship within sound arts; physicality and intimacy; and notions of subjectivity and the personal. My interests lie in the use of the body as a meaningful pivot within a compositional approach that uses the physical properties of a work as a fundamental meaning-making factor.

I create work which negotiates the critical tension between the Self and the Other occurring across visceral and temporal boundaries. In particular, I use the relationship of the ”Other’s Other” (established within my thesis) as a critical constellation of dialogic tension towards an exploration of spectatorship and eaves-dropping.

Within my work, sound is often manifested through structure and architectural shape. The audience’s body is affected by “physical composition” in space and is drawn into a dynamic and palpable experiential interplay.


Born in the UK in 1981, following training at music conservatoire and a career as a musician, Julie is now completing her creative practice research PhD as part of CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice) following a Distinction for her Masters in Sound Art at UAL with Salomé Voegelin (2012) which included an ensuing FutureMap nomination. Julie was recently longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2018 with her And so I met my Other’s Other (2017), first shown at Acts-ReActs 4, Wimbledon Space, London.

She continues a dual career as professional flautist and sound artist.

To view her musician website please visit juliegroves.com (currently offline for restructuring).

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