This was exhibited and performed at Kings Place  on Sunday 16 March 2014, 4pm, Hall Two

The sound performance installation for Parting was a work made in collaboration with composers Litha and Effy Efthymiou is part of a multi-event, multi-disciplinary show which created a ‘living-through’ experience of psychosis. Within the Efthymious’ theme, each ‘installation’ lifted the main character (be it a dancer, musician or actor) out of their everyday life and examined the very nature of their hallucination or delusion.

Julie Groves’ element of the collage-work (which was presented in the context of other ‘vignettes’) explored both the performer’s body, the physical surroundings of the performer’s tactile score and the inter-relation between the sound and the physical towards an expression of a psychosis. This is the first work in which Julie had fused her practice as a classical and contemporary musician with her creative sound art practice. This work enabled her to use her physical composition within a performative theatre context in a collaborative situation.

Parting - 036


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