Julie embarked upon a creative practice research degree in late 2013, which addresses sound art as a form of performance. Coming from a background as a professional instrumentalist, her research draws on the idea of re-looking at sound art – and the way we speak and write about sound art – through the lense of performance. Much of her creative practice is based around live experience and an exploration of the entwinement that occurs between protagonists present in performance. She continues to explore in her research the notion of creating ‘physical’ scores through what she terms a technique of ‘physical composition’.

Much of Julie’s research is informed by philosophy (Sartre; Merleau-Ponty among others) and the idea of the Other. She has developed, through the process of her research, the term the “Other’s Other” as a way of embracing and recognising the criticality of the entwinement we experience in performance.

“My sound art practice consciously utilizes physical elements in its processes, exploring the notions of performance and audience-ship; physicality and intimacy; subjectivity and the personal through the agency of the body. I work with sound in the paradigms of installation, composition and performance with intimacy and the physical as a main compositional strategy”



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