What Did You Do Last Night?

This piece was my first exploration into sound art as a form of composing. I had been given an assignment as part of my MA in Sound Art that entailed ‘reviewing’ a show or a piece of art or an exhibition in sound.
I had been playing in a musical every evening for four months in London and decided to give a re-view of the show as I experienced it every evening (and matinee), as opposed to the show that the punters saw and heard on their arrival at the theatre. It comprises field recordings of my travelling, of the voices of those around me, the sound of the show through my headphones in the pit, the MD whispering into my ear through cans during the show, the click track at points, the road outside, bar noise and front of house show-sound. The result is a ‘viewing’ or a ‘re-viewing’ of the show through different ears.
It was premiered on Resonance fm on July 23rd 2012.