Chromesthetic Solo

Telemann Fantasia in F sharp minor from Twelve Fantasias for solo flute (1732-33)

(sound with image)

In Chromesthetic Solo, sound is realised in visual form through a performance of facial expressions overlaid with colour and effect. The stimulus of the Fantasia in the audio is as the primary source, with the visual element being dependent on the whim of the sound: it is a reversal of dependencies and dominance. Likewise, instead of presenting the commonplace visual tool as image: a written score; the score presented is instead the emotional, unseen, element of the sound: the personal emotional trajectory of the performer.

Chromesthesia, a form of synaesthesia, is referenced as tool for the creation of the piece, wherein the aural stimulus in turn stimulates animation as visual form in colour and effect. ‘Solo’ references the artist – both aurally and visually.

Chromesthetic Solo is borne out of a fascination with the emotional, dramatic and dance-like elements inherent in music and sound.

It was my first ever experiment with any sort of video editing software, which gives it a lo-fi aspect.

Flute solo and visual performance: Julie Groves
Film editing: Julie Groves
Recording engineer: Nathan Fustec

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