And so I met my Other’s Other

And so I met my Other’s Other (2017) – Julie Groves with ‘happening score’ realisation (premiere) by Ed Scolding

First exhibited as part of Acts Re-Acts 4 at Wimbledon Space 4th March 2017, And so I met my Other’s Other is an immersive sound art performance which addresses the “cats cradle of identification” (Krauss 1990) and dialogic tension created by performance. Spilling outside of perceived boundaries, it causes us to question our roles as performer or receiver; as the viewer or the viewed through a re-conceived and physically re-composed experience of a familiar event situation. This performance installation aims to problematise the Other via the invisibly humming space of entwinement occurring between all the protagonists present.

Playing on Sartre’s themes of Other-ness in his philosophical essay, The Look (1943), And So I met My Other’s Other creates a slippage of boundaries and an alternative awareness of the entwined self.
Playful and intriguing, this sound art performance straddles the line between instrumental music performance and sound art, the two worlds colliding to create a hum of playful tension.

Anna Cooper – violin; Toby Deller – viola; Hannah Schofield – cello
Susie Parkes – soprano; Rodney Earl Clarke – bass baritone